501(c)(3) organization

The Gridiron Club

We are committed to the philosophy of
"Education Through Athletics."


Our Mission

The Weston Gridiron Club believes in "Education Through Athletics."  Athletics are an integral part of the overall educational mission for our children. Organized sports foster a shared vision for excellence in our school system and our community.  We believe that WHS Football helps students develop their personal, physical, and intellectual skills through hard work, dedication, and service to others. It is our mission to support the delivery of a superlative football program.

Our Vision

To facilitate the development of student-athletes who embody our core values of kindness, fairness, excellence, respect for others, teamwork, leadership, perseverance, and integrity.

What We Do

To provide the opportunity for each football student-athlete to pursue personal excellence, we strive to eliminate the need to “pay to play.”  

Through the tireless, voluntary efforts of our football families, players, and coaches, The Weston Gridiron Club works to bridge the funding gap between the financial demands of the WHS athletic programs and the many pressures on the school budget.  100% of the Gridiron Club’s sponsorships and fundraising efforts go to the football program.  The Weston Gridiron Club raises approximately "two-thirds" of the annual operating budget for the WHS Football program.

What we fund

  • 01
    Assistant Coaches
  • 02
    Coaching Clinics
  • 03
    Bleachers & Booster Barn
  • 04
    Overnight Pre-Season Camps
  • 05
    Skills & Passing Leagues
  • 06
    Video Equipment & HUDL System
  • 07
    Website & Operating Systems
  • 08
    Season & Recognition Events

Our Board

Tim Feeney, President | timfeeney1707@gmail.com
Carolyn LeFavour, Treasurer
Keri Ben-Zvi, Secretary | keribz@gmail.com
Mark Carmody, Fundraising Coordinator
Jay Solano
Bill Walsh
Ed Travers
Tony Huck